Well Log Normalization, Well Logging Correction Services

Data Normalization and Correlation, LOGDIGI has many data normalization and correlation functions. With our expertise and the software, we can help you to normalize and correlate your data to make physical sense. Many Normalization Equations.

Normalization techniques best suited to specific curves: SP Gamma ray Sonic Density Neutron Pef Resistivity The best normalization approaches for specific stratigraphic and structural situations. Convert count-rate neutron curves to reliable porosities. Deal with a data set containing diverse types of neutron tools. Handle run changes. Handling compaction differences. Avoid over-correcting the data. Handling normalization efficiently. Curve Normalization. The objective of normalization is to adjust certain curves in each well so that they register similar values in the similar rock types. Normalization eliminates the effects of different borehole conditions (mud weight, hole size, etc.), different logging companies and/or poor well site calibrations. Neutron logs in counts/second are rescaled to rock porosity units. Well log normalization is a necessary step for the accurate mapping of oil and gas fields. Curve Editing. Raw log data from the blue-line logs or field tapes may contain meaningless data, such as resistivity or porosity log data below the first reading or some kinds of data recorded in the casing from open hole logging tools. It may also contain misleading data, such as noise spikes and cycle skips on the sonic, porosity log data in washed-out zones and high frequency data on the SP curve. Normalize early 1950's vintage sonic and gamma ray curves. Normalize density, neutron and Pef curves from 1990's vintage logs. Normalize count-rate neutron curves to obtain reliable reservoir porosities. Deal with both cased-hole completions and open-hole completions Normalize density curves from wells drilled in the 1970's.

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