Drilling Equipments

Pumping Units of All Sizes. Delivery 2-3 months.
Our price is start from $8,000 and the price is negotiable.

Examples: C25-56-36; C40-89-36; C40-89-42; C-80-133-54; C-80-109-48; C-114-173-64; C-114-143-74; C-160-143-74; C-160-173-74; C-160-173-86; C-228-143-100; C-228-173-100; C-228-213-120; C-228-246-86; C-320-256-100; C-320-256-120; C-320-305-100; C-320-173-120; C-320-213-120; C-456-213-144; C-456-256-144; C-456-213-168; C-456-305-144; C-640-256-168; C-640-256-192; C-640-305-168; C-640-365-144; C-640-305-192; C-912-365-168; C-912-365-192; C-912-365-240

F series (Emsco) mud pumps of various sizes up to 1600HP and 5000psi. Delivery 3-6 months.
Our price is start from $60,000 and the price is negotiable.
Scope of Application
Mud pump is used to circulate the mud during the drilling. We just listed two type of F-1300 and F-1600 mud pump ,which are mainly used in the drilling liquid circulating system, the nominal well depth is between 3500m and 7000m (10,000 ft ~ 20,000 ft)
The type of F-1300 and F-1600 mud pump, used the mature advanced technology and the advanced structure in home and abroad,transmission gear system on the power end are the high hardness involute herringbone gears, with high gear ratio, anticorrosion, high strength, high efficiency,the hydraulic end used the hard airproof structure, which makes the reliability of airproof is high,the lubricating system used dual return circuit structures, which raise the lubricating effect, and lengthen the life span,through optimizing the design of the shell and main structure makes the structure more reasonable, maintaining more convenient, performance more stable, and furthermore ,have the merits of low frequency, long stroke, large displacement.
Technical Parameters
parameters Type F-1300 F-1600
power rating kW(HP) 960(1300) 1180(1600)
frequency rating min-1(spm) 120 120
stroke mm(in) 305(12) 305(12)
gear ratio 4.206 4.206
Max.working pressure(OD of liner) MPa(mm) 34.3(F130) 34.3(F140)
Max. displacement (OD of liner) L/s(mm) 46.6(F180) 51.9(F190)
Suction inlet mm(in) 305(12) 305(12)
Discharge outlet mm(in) 100(4) 100(4)
Overall size mm 5360×2795×3120 5360×2795×3180
Total weights kg 26862 28254

Execution Standard and Certificate
The main components of this product accord with the correlated standards of API Spec 7K—“Specification for Drilling Equipments” and “Triplex Single Acting Mud Pump”, and in Sept.2002, this product acquired the authorization to use Official API Monogram.

Plunger pumps for stimulation etc. of various sizes up to 1600HP and 15000psi. Delivery 4-6 months. Our price is start from $80,000 and the price is negotiable.