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We owns the best well log digitizing, analysis & interpretation software system in the world. We have the best human resources to support us to finish small or large projects. 

About Us

We are a leading well log digitizing, well log analysis & interpretation consulting company. We have the best automated digitization software to complete well log digitizing projects. Our software converts scanned well logs to vectors for input to well logging digital analysis software. It provides manual/auto tracking of well logs, rapid display of results, edit and image print capabilities and LAS standard format files. The user interface is very understandable and usable. Our well log digitizing services is specifically designed for petroleum industry, and I believe that it very well fit your need. We have compared our service with other digitizating companies, and beat their quality, price and other aspects.

We have the best well log analysis & interpretation software system to help you to analyze all kinds of complex lithologies.

LogDigi has more than 40 years working experience in E&P industry consultant, who can help our customers to solve any kinds of geology, well log analysis & interpretation questions. 
90% old oil wells do not have Nuclear and Sonic logging. For many oil companies, in order to re-examine their oil fields, they have to sent down sophisticated nuclear, and acoustic tools on a wire-line for the well. It costs them a lot to do that. We re-evaluate your oil fields with your existing logs. We do not need "much more expensive core sample taken from the well", and "sophisticated nuclear, and acoustic tools are sent down the well on a wire-line". We can match your budget to re-evaluate your oil fields.


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