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Our major services are exactly what you are looking for. Our services are specifically designed for petroleum industry, and we believe that it very well fit your need. We have compared our services with A2D's services, and beat their services in any aspects. 
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Digitizing Service
LogDigi can accommodate order large and small, rush or long term. LogDigi is a well-logging digitizing service for petroleum industry in the most cost-effective and productive manner available to the industry. 

The industry’s lowest price and the highest quality for digitization in the world.  We can meet your schedule and budget. 

All the digitizing is performed under rigorous, proprietary quality control procedures. LogDigi will deliver accurate digital well log data in standard LAS format or in your preferred format. Users can easily download the data and begin working with it immediately. Experienced professionals at LogDigi digitize well logs by using LogDigi - automatic vectorizing and manual digitizing software.


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